Japanese-Language Programs

Japanese-Language Training Programs for Specialists

The Japanese Language Institute, Kansai provides Japanese-language training programs for specialists. These programs develop Japanese proficiency based on the individual needs of the trainee's occupation or special field of study. Focusing on specialized fields, this unique training is provided for people who need to be proficient in Japanese for their job or research, such as foreign-service officers, public officials and specialists in cultural and academic fields. The Institute also conducts investigative research for these language training programs, as well as developing methods of instruction and course materials. The Institute's accumulation of expertise is expected to result in wide-ranging benefits for the whole field of Japanese-language instruction. Assessment (Japanese only)

Japanese-Language Training Programs for Students

More and more students overseas are learning Japanese, as indicated by the fact that many high schools throughout the world have added Japanese-language studies to their curricula. With the aim of motivating Japanese-language students abroad, stimulating their interest in Japan, and encouraging them to continue their study of the Japanese language, the Institute offers training programs, primarily targeting young people, that include courses in Japanese and Japanese culture, as well as opportunities to experience Japanese society first-hand and participate in hands-on training.

Training services

The Institute also provides tailor-made Japanese-language training programs to non-profit institutions that wish to contract its services in order to create productive training programs in Japan designed expressly for their needs. Please contact us for details. Contact

e-Learning development

The Institute promotes e-learning as part of its support for Japanese language learners. We now have three websites open: 'NIHONGO de CARE-NAVI', for Japanese learners doing jobs in the fields of nursing and care-work, was released in July 2007, followed in February 2010 by 'Japanese in Anime & Manga', aimed at giving learners the chance to study in a fun way the styles of language used in Japanese cartoons and comics, then April 2010 saw the release of 'NIHONGO eな', a web portal introducing a number of useful online Japanese learning resources for students in a plain, straightforward way.

日本語でケアナビ アニメ・マンガの日本語 NIHONGO eな

Teaching material development

The Institute has developed the following teaching materials with the aim of leveraging its extensive experience in Japanese-language training. Speech for Basic Level Japanese Japanese through Real Activities Japanese-English WORDBOOK for CARE WOKERS NIHONGO de CARE-NAVI

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