Japanese in Anime & Manga

Japanese in Anime & Manga


animemangatop.png This e-learning site allows the user to enjoy studying Japanese using a quiz and game format related to anime and manga characters, and four genres that are popular in foreign countries: romance, school, ninja, and samurai. Explanations are provided in English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and French. Anyone is welcome to use the site free of charge.


  • Character Expressions
    The user can study specific expressions with eight common types of anime and manga characters.
  • Expressions by Scene
    While reading a manga, the user can study specific phrases, onomatopoeia (or sound effects), and cultural information through a variety of scenes.
  • Word Quiz
    The user can use quizzes divided into three levels of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) to study words related to each genre.
  • Kanji Game
    The user can use games divided into two levels of difficulty (beginner and intermediate) to study the meaning and reading of kanji that frequently appear in each genre.

Word Quiz
Word Quiz
Kanji Game
Kanji Game

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