JF Japanese e-Learning Minato

JF Japanese e-Learning Minato


"An online course for learning Japanese, plus online communities for interacting with fellow learners from around the world".
This is 'Minato', an online Japanese language learning platform that provides both a place for learning and for meeting others.

"I want to study Japanese, but there's no school close by." "I'm not available at set times because I'm too busy with work or home." "I'm interested in Japanese, but I don't think there's anywhere to learn casually." For these and other such people, 'Minato' provides an online Japanese language course.

Also, with the 'Minato' communities, you can interact with people of all ages, cultures and differing backgrounds on topics all related to Japan.

In addition, there is an introduction to the Japanese language learning sites and apps provided by The Japan Foundation.

Japanese Course

Choosing a Japanese language course that suits you.

  • Course Types
    There are 2 types - Self-Study Courses & Tutor-Support Courses.
  • Japanese Language Level
    There are 6 levels displayed based on the JF Standard (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).
  • Study Categories
    Integrated, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Kana (Japanese alphabet), Kanji (Chinese characters), and Culture/Society, etc.
  • Language of Explanation
    English and Japanese (with more to follow in the future).
  • Course Length
    There are various course terms available, ranging from 1 week to 6 months, etc.


Overcome the barriers of age, culture and backgrounds to intereact with others on topics all related to Japan.

  • Join communities for which you have an interest/liking.
  • Set up new communities.
  • Post comments and images on the noticeboards.

JF J-Learning Site & Apps

There is an introduction to the various Japanese language learning sites and apps provided by The Japan Foundation. Also, you can access the JF Language Course information of the The Japan Foundation's overseas offices.

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Marugoto Japanese online course
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