marugotoplus.gif A website where you can learn about Japanese language and culture in accordance with the content of "Marugoto: Japanese language and culture", a series of coursebooks which comply with the JF (Japan Foundation) Standard for Japanese-Language Education (click here for details). Matching up with the 50 'Can-do' statements introduced in the 'Starter (A1)' textbook, you can practice to learn how to order at fast food restaurants, go shopping, and conduct a variety of activities in Japanese. Japanese, English and Spanish languages are available.

Main Content

  • Communication Activities
    For each 'Can-do' chosen from topics, you can use videos for communication practice in 'Speaking, Interacting', 'Reading' and 'Writing'.
  • Challenge Drama
    This lets you use Japanese and simulate Japanese life, becoming the main character doing a home stay in a Japanese family home and studying Japanese in a Japanese classroom.
  • Life and Culture
    You can watch videos on Japanese life and culture. It also introduces trivia, and offers websites for those that want to know more about the topics.
  • Basic Training
    This lets you check hiragana, katakana, kanji and vocabulary, as well as do practice drills. It also introduces Japanese typing on computers.
  • Introduction to Japanese
    This introduces basic information on Japan Knowledge, Grammar, Writing, Kanji and Pronunciation for those learning Japanese for the first time.


marugotowords.png This website lets you check the meanings and organise the words and phrases used in the '入門 (A1)' and '初級1 (A2)' coursebooks of "Marugoto: Japanese language and culture", a series which complies with the JF (Japan Foundation) Standard for Japanese-Language Education. There is also a page for smartphones, so you can search the moment you need to. Available in English and Spanish languages.

Main Content

  • Search
    Here you can input key words and look up for words and phrases. You can use kanji, kana, romaji or one of the user languages (English/Spanish) to do this.
  • My list
    You can make a convenient personalized list by selecting particular coursebooks, topics, lessons and the kinds of words you want to study. You can also use the lists your make for quizzes or print them out.
  • Collection
    Here you can study words related to 5 categories - calendar, time, positions/locations, numbers and colours - presented as a whole with charts/illustrations to make them easy to study. You can also listen to voices.
  • Recently viewed words
    Here you can check words and phrases you searched for recently.
    We have gathered example sentences you may use in daily life, such as writing emails in Japanese or talking about your hobbies with friends.

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