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About KANJI Memory Hint

We at the Japan Foundation, Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai developed these apps "KANJI Memory Hint 1(complete beginners)" and " KANJI Memory Hint 2(beginners)" and " KANJI Memory Hint 3(beginners)" to provide a fun way to study Kanji using mnemonic pictures!

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iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/japan-foundation-japanese/id1023654861
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Target users, the number of "Kanji Words" and Languages

App name Target users the number of "Kanji Words" Languages
KANJI Memory Hint1 Complete beginners in Japanese 80 (Single Kanji 58) English
KANJI Memory Hint2 Beginners in Japanese 158 (Single Kanji 180)
KANJI Memory Hint3 Beginners in Japanese 161 (Single Kanji 195)

KANJI Memory Hint 1

KANJI Memory Hint 2

KANJI Memory Hint 3

Main Contents

Memory Hints

You can remember the kanji with mnemonic pictures, learn with "Kanji Table", and check if you remember the kanji or not with "Kanji Check".

Mnemonic pictures

Kanji Table

Kanji Check


By challenging yourself to two types of games you can enjoy learning kanji through repetition and get a sense of achievement.

  • Kanji Memory:A game to match the meaning, reading and shape to the kanji.
  • Kanji Catch:A game to catch the correct meaning, reading to the kanji.

Kanji Memory Game

Kanji Catch Game

*Try for a reward to suit your progress.

Kanji Table

Tap to see the kanji you can learn through this app, listed by the topic.
Tap the kanji to see the "Kanji Words" with detailed information about the character.

KANJI Memory Hint1

KANJI Memory Hint 2

KANJI Memory Hint 3

*These apps were developed from the kanji mnemonic pictures in Memory Hint on the Marugoto Plus Beginner A1, Elementary1 A2 and Elementary2 A2

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