This portal site provides information on websites and tools that are useful for Japanese study on the Internet. We introduce free sites that can be accessed by anyone along easy-to-understand tips on how to use them. Every page can be displayed in either Japanese or English, and some of the sites are also available in Korean and Chinese (both simplified and traditional). And on't forget to come back again soon because we're always adding more information.This introduces apps compatible with iOS and Android.

Main Functions

Site Search

  • Site Search
    Search for sites using categories such as Reading and Grammar. Each listing includes information on what you can do on the site.
  • e! Kore
    We also provide a roundup of useful sites based on specific activities and functions such as Learning Kana with Games and Writing Email in Japanese.
  • Keyword Search
    Search for sites using a keyword.
  • eな Information Station
    Collect information on websites and how to use them.

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