Listen Together : The Songs of Japan

Listen Together : The Songs of Japan

This is a site where you can search for and listen to Japanese songs that suit your interests and the level of your Japanese language ability. The website offers a total of 69 Japanese songs, made up of 47 children's/traditional songs and 22 indie songs.


'Listen Together : The Songs of Japan' has 3 main features.

  • How to Search
    Users are able to search for songs in a wide variety of ways, such as genre, theme, Japanese language difficulty level, title, and view ranking.

    Search By Theme...You can choose songs from 10 themes.
    Search By Japanese Language Difficulty Level...You can search by level of Japanese language difficulty.
    Search By Japanese Alphabets... You can search by Japanese alphabet.
    Search By Romaji Title...You can search by Romaji title.
    Search By English Title...You can search by English title.

  • Enabled for Multiple Devices
    Pages can be browsed, and music videos played, using not only PC's, but also tablets or smartphones.

  • Displaying Subtitles
    Lyrics subtitles are available on the pages where songs are played, and can be displayed in hiragana, katakana, or Romaji. Even people who find Japanese kanji and the written characters difficult can still enjoy Japanese songs.

    You are also able to download lyrics cards from the pages where songs are played. We hope that you not only enjoy listening to the songs, but also sing along with them while watching the music videos.

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