Japanese-Language Program for Overseas Partner University Students 2014


In conjunction with the Japanese-Language Support through Domestic Collaboration (Dispatch):The Dispatches of Student Interns program conducted by the Japan Foundation, the Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai conducts onsite training for Japanese-language undergraduate students from overseas universities. In addition to providing an opportunity to study the Japanese language and a better understanding of Japan as a whole, this program helps strengthen various partnerships between universities.

Program Period

2014 academic year

  • 3-Week Course (Summer Course:July to Aug.)
  • 6-Week Course (Autumn Course:Sep. to Oct.)

*Only the 6-Week Course ・3-Week Course is available from the 2014 academic year.

Eligible Participants

Undergraduate students from overseas universities studying Japanese / 2014 academic year: Summer Course: 35 participants, Autumn Course: 38 participants

*This program is not open to applications from the general public. It is intended specifically for overseas universities that are partners of Japanese universities and are participating in the "Japanese-Language Support through Domestic Collaboration (Dispatch): The Dispatches of Student Interns" program.

Training Content

The training described below is implemented in order to improve students' ability to utilize previously learned language skills and to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture. Additionally, in order to obtain information about future opportunities to study abroad, participants visit Japanese universities and interact with the students.

  1. Classes
    Discussions, interviews, speeches, Kansai dialect, Japanese used in animation/manga, review of study, utilization of websites for language study, reciting poems, etc.
  2. Exchanges
    Exchanges with Japanese university students and local citizens.
  3. Visits to Japanese Universities & Exchanges
    Participants will visit universities in the Kansai area to deepen their understanding of Japanese universities and collect information about study in Japan. Also, pariticipants will interact with partner university students during "Japanese education onsite experience" visits.
  4. Cultural/Social Experiences
    Trips to cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, hands-on experiences such as wearing kimono and playing taiko drums, home visits, etc.
  5. Presentations
    To explain their experiences during the training period, participants will give a presentation on what they learned through the interview projects and university visits.

Program flow

program flow.pdf(PDF 45KB)

This program is intended for students training to be a Japanese-language instructor at universities participating in the "Japanese-Language Support through Domestic Collaboration (Dispatch): The Dispatches of Student Interns" program. The program includes a 2-night, 3-day program called the Japanese Language Education Onsite Experience. In this program, students interact with other participants from a variety of countries and experience actual language instruction. For participants, the program provides an invaluable opportunity to interact with students from various regional Japanese universities.

Japanese Language Education Onsite Experience

Japanese Language Education Onsite Experience (Japanese only)(PDF 449KB)


Participant Report

Summer Course Autumn Course


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