Japanese-Language Training Programs in Japan (High School Students)

This program is intended for students who are from countries/regions where large numbers of people study Japanese. Students with an outstanding record in Japanese studies are invited to Japan for a two-week period, enabling them to deepen their understanding of the language, culture, and society. They also have the opportunity to interact with Japanese students of the same generation.

Training Period

2 weeks (2014 Academic Year:June to July)

Eligible Participants

Foreign high-school students who are studying Japanese/ (2014 Academic Year: 35 Participants)

*Participants in this training program are selected based on the recommendation of the Japan Foundation's offices and diplomatic missions in foreign countries. Eligible countries and regions are determined every year by the Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai, according to the number of students studying Japanese at in elementary and secondary schools.

Training Content

The following program is implemented in order to deepen understanding of Japanese language, society, and culture, and to assist in further study of the language after participants return to their home country.

  1. Japanese Language and Circumstances Class
    Circumstances of younger people, geographic/tourist guides, Japanese used in animation/manga, preparation for exchange events and presentations, introduction of websites for studying Japanese, etc.
  2. Training Trips/Exchange Program
    Visits to high schools, exchange events with Japanese high-school students, trips to Tokyo/Hiroshima/Kyoto, homestays, Osaka orienteering, etc.
  3. Cultural Experience Program
    Calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arranging, kimono (yukata) wearing, taiko (Japanese drums), aikido training, etc.

Example Training Schedule

Example Training Schedule(2014 Academic Year)(PDF35.3KB)

Training Participant Report

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