Japanese-Language Program for University Students

This program is intended for undergraduate students from overseas universities who are studying Japanese and who come from Japanese-language institutions in regions where a dramatic increase in the number of people studying the language has been observed in recent years. Participants are invited to Japan for 6 weeks. The program provides them with an opportunity to study Japanese and to increase their understanding of Japanese culture and society.

Program Period

App. 6 weeks (May to June, November to December, January to February)

Eligible Applicants

Undergraduate students from overseas universities studying Japanese / 2011 Academic Year: Spring Course: 18 participants, Autumn Course: 34 participants, Winter Course: 22 participants

*This course is not open to the general public. The Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai selects applicable universities every year. Participants are selected from overseas universities which accept Japanese-language instructors dispatched by the Japan Foundation and from core members of the Sakura Network.

Training Content

This program seeks to support the study of Japanese and to provide an opportunity to deepen participants' understanding of Japanese culture and society. The goal of the program is to be more confident of using Japanese, to make any findings or to confirm your previous learning about Japanese culture and society, and to think about your goals and ways of learning Japanese in more concrete and realistic terms.

  1. Classes
    Discussions on Japan, interviews, speeches, review of studied material, computer input, etc.
  2. Exchanges
    Meeting with university students and local citizens, visiting elementary schools, etc.
  3. Cultural/Social Experiences
    Field trips to cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto; cultural experience programs such as wearing kimono, writing calligraphy, and playing taiko (Japanese drums); home visits, etc.
  4. Presentations
    As a summary of the 6-week program, group presentations are given on topics such as information obtained during interviews.

Program Flow

Program Flow (PDF 347KB)

Participant Report

Spring Term Autumn TermWinter Term

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