The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, KansaiThe Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

Just released: the smart phone app, "HIRAGANA / KATAKANA Memory Hint" [English Version] [Indonesian Version]

Hiragana / Katakana consists of 46 characters so it's a challenge to remember them all.

We at The Japan Foundation, Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai developed a new app to provide a fun way to study them using mnemonic pictures.

HIRAGANA/KATAKANA Memory Hint is an app that allows you to learn hiragana / katakana in a fun way using mnemonic pictures. It includes plenty of quizzes for you to test your understanding.

Recommended for complete beginners in Japanese or anyone with an interest in Japanese letters.


You can download this app from the webpages below. [FREE]


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For more information, English version see here ・ Indonesian version see here