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Southeast Asia Teachers' Training College Course in Japan(Vietnam)

Southeast Asia Teachers' Training College Course in Japan (Vietnam) 2018 Participant's Report

Hanoi University Tran Thi Thanh Hoa

About the Program
This program is intended for those who want to become Japanese teachers. Participants came from the following 8 universities in Vietnam, Can Tho University, Da Nang Foreign University, Dalat University, Hanoi University, Ba Ria Vung Tau Teacher Training College, Hue Foreign Language University, Hue Teacher Training College and Hai Phong University. Participants consist of 14 students and 7 teachers.
group photo at the Fushimi Inari ShrineIn this program we didn't only study Japanese but also experienced a variety of thing. For example, we interacted with Japanese college students, experienced Japanese culture and visited schools. Also, in order to understand more about Japanese society and culture, we chose a topic about Japan that we are interested in and interviewed the local people, Osaka university students and college students visiting us in their field trip. When we interviewed, we were able to talk a lot and improve our Japanese. Besides that, we also went to see many places such as Osaka, Kyoto and Nara.

About Japanese Classes
In this program, we had five Japanese subjects. They are Understanding Japan and cross-cultural understanding, Speech, Interview, Japanese variety and Japanese teaching methods.

In the class of Understanding Japan and cross-cultural understanding, we undestood the difference between Vietnam and Japan in various aspects. We chose a moderator from the students and discussed several themes. In the discussion we could speak a lot in Japanese, so everyone was happily participating.There were a lot of interesting things. As we may become a teacher in the future, I think that it was useful to know the differences in thinking between Japanese and Vietnamese.

In the class of Speech, with the support of the teacher, we made a script of the speech and introduced Vietnam to Japanese college students. In order to have a good speech, the teacher gave us chances to practice in class and corrected our draft and pronunciation. I think it was a very useful class.

In the Interview class, we picked up a topic that we wanted to know more about Japanese way of thinking. We had three interview meetings and interviewed the local people and college students. After the interview, we gathered interesting things and surprising things with group members.

We also compared the differences in thinking between young people and elderly people. We were happy that we could have various Japanese friends.

In Japanese Variety class, we had the information about the websites for Japanese learners and teachers of Japanese. And we learned interesting teaching methods of kanji.

In the classes of Japanese teaching methods, we participated as an observer in teacher's lesson and thought about the points of reference in order to be a Japanese teacher.

Although it was a short period, I participated in various lessons and gained valuable knowledge. I think that it will surely be useful in our future.

Cultural Experience
During the study course, we participated in Japanese culture classes, such as Japanese drums, Ikebana and Calligraphy. We experienced two out of three activities. Every activity is interesting and fun for us.

Ikebana Smile with their own each work・Japanese drum
We experienced Japanese drums as a traditional Japanese culture. The members of the Japanese drum club showed the drum instruments and explained how to play the drum. Also, it was really wondeful to see the performances of Japanese drums. Then we divided into three groups and practiced it. At the end of the class, each group showed off their performance. We could not only experience the Japanese drums but also enjoy relaxation.

・IkebanaCalligraphy Smile with their own each work
The partipants were very happy to experience the culture called Ikebana. We learned about the history of flower arrangement, flower material size and branch dimension. Our works decorated a few places in the Institute. It was interesting for us to have an ikebana work by ourselves. It was a valuable experience.

The teacher explained to us about the origin of Japanese kanji in detail. And the teacher told us how to use brush and how to polish ink, we practiced to draw kanji many times. Lastly we chose one from various kanji and wrote it with dedicated paper. You can decorate your own work in the main lobby and the last day of the study course you can get and bring it back to the country.

Exchange Meetings
I had many exchange opportunities with Japanese people. At first I went to a Japanese house with home visiting activities and interacted with my host family. Like a member of the family we cooked together, dined and talked. After the exchange, I fully understood the daily life, the Japanese customs and way of thinking, and I understood the different culture between Vietnam and Japan.

Next, I interacted with students from Osaka University. I talked with students a lot and learned Japanese students' lifestyle well. I realized that like Vietnamese students they work part-time a lot when they are at college.

Lastly I interacted with the local people. By talking with them, I was taught about Japanese ways of thinking.I also found that the ways are different not only between Vietnamese and Japanese people, but also between the young and older among Japanese. I got a chance to interact with various people, learned a lot, had good memories, made friends and I think that was really good.

Group photo at the farewell partyAdvice
This study course is a short period of six weeks but I think that it is better to prepare various things before coming to Japan. First of all, I think that the important thing is to have the self-goal of this course. The reason is that if you have a proper goal, you can be aware of what you want to understand and learn.

Next, seeing the course schedule, you should understand what kind of activities are there. For example, since there is an orientation on the first day, I think it would be better to prepare an impressive self-introduction announcement. Then, bring your computer to prepare for the achievement presentation (But if you do not have it, you can use the computers in the study room so do not worry about it).

It is a lot of fun to attend this six-week course and I could experience various things and it will be a good learning so please look forward to it.